miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

Did you like feeling that way?

round and round again, thinking the same stupid things, saying the same stupid things, and upset by the same stupid things.
I know I have a "special" mood, but this time, I won't say sorry, because this is who I am, this is the real me, and I wont keep me locked inside, just to please people, so I won't "scare" them.
But for the first time I'm afraid, I don't want to lose, what has become one of the most special things for me, I tend to be the "strong one" but I have changed, even when i refused to change. I know I'm still that strong person that I was before, but now I feel things that I don't like to feel, even when I wanted to feel this way long before, I wanted to know how was it. This "magical" feeling, and I don't like it, at all.
But anyway, I'm fighting for this, even if it hurts, I won't give up, that its not my style, I will fight 'til the end, even if that ends up killing me.

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